The 10 Most Relaxing Hot Springs in Oregon

Oregon is home to a number of hot springs, including those in Eugene, Bend and Portland, and these are 10 of the must-visit destinations to relax and unwind.

There are breathtaking hot springs sprinkled throughout the United States, and Oregon is a haven for many of these geothermal, natural wonders. While several of the mineral-rich pools dot the Cascade mountain range, there are also warm springs to take a soothing dip in all over the state. From undeveloped pools only accessible by foot to retreat-style commercial soaks, these are the 10 most relaxing hot springs in Orego.



If you like the idea of a soothing soak in a mineral-rich tub but don’t want to go hiking in search of an undeveloped pool, Belknap Hot Springs may be more up your alley. The central Oregon resort offers two pools, as well as access to acres of beautiful gardens, mountain home rentals, RV sites, cabins, lodge rooms and camping options. Its proximity to the McKenzie River is also a definite selling point.


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