Side Effects Of Hair Straightening You Should Be Aware Of


Let’s face it – every single one of us who don’t have naturally straight hair fantasizes about having poker straight tresses that flow unfettered in the wind. I get it. I get the urge, the desire, the absolute need that you feel to straighten your hair. Be that as it may, hair straightening – whether done at home with a straightening iron or through a chemical treatment at a salon – comes with a host of side effects that can spell disaster for your hair. “WHAT SIDE EFFECTS? WHAT DISASTER?” you must be wondering in alarm. Well, here’s what you need to know.

What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Straightening?

The side effects of permanent hair straightening and the straightening you do at home are many, ranging from something as minor as dullness to something as major as hair loss. So, let’s take a deeper look, shall we?



Have you ever noticed smoke rising out of your hair when you’re straightening it? Well, it pains me to tell you that that’s not smoke. It’s actually steam. Basically, a straightening iron works by seeping all the moisture out of your hair to straighten it and secure the style in place. And the only way that the moisture from your hair can escape is by evaporating and turning into steam. This is why your hair goes back to its natural state after you wash it because moisture is restored into it. However, using heat styling tools and chemical treatments regularly over a long period can rob your hair of its natural oils and make it extremely dry and brittle.



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