10 Of The Most Important Signs That Your Body Is Over stressed That You Probably Ignore


Your health is your greatest wealth. Hence, it is extremely important to take good care of it and learn how to carefully listen to your body’s messages. In fact, your body is sending you daily signs to warn you about existing and potential health issues.

A healthy mind and body require a healthy lifestyle, a healthy balanced nutrition, and regular exercise.

According to many health experts and doctors, Stress is human’s biggest enemy and since we are all living in such a busy modern life, stress seems to be the reason of our most common diseases and health problems!


Unstable Weight

The unstable weight is also one of the biggest signs of stress. When you find it hard to stabilize your weight despite the diet and the regular physical exercises, then, be certain that stress is what causes this increase and decrease of body weight.

Stress can sometimes make you gain more weight, especially if you are going through tough and intense experiences.

Frequently experiencing stress can lead to a remarkable increase of the cortisol hormone, which is normally known to stabilize metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and the necessary levels of sugar in the blood.

Eventually, the higher is the hormone, the higher is your desire to consume more food. This way, the body will produce less testosterone and burn only fewer calories, which can result in extra unnecessary pounds.

However, for some people, they can experience the opposite. So, instead of gaining more weight, they lose weight. This can happen as a result of an increase in the adrenaline levels in the blood.

This increase can, therefore, slow down the excretion of fats and speeds up metabolism. Some scientists also blame another hormone in such condition, which is the CRH hormone.


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